About Life & Pursuits

Life & Pursuits offers ‘Organic Ayurveda' wellness and beauty. We are certified by USDA (USA) and NATRUE (Europe), the most stringent and reputed organic certification programs globally. Our products combine the ancient wisdom of Indian Ayurveda with the most stringent organic international standards.



Our products are formulated using organic Ayurveda herbs grown in the region of the Himalayas and the Ganges.


Our products are certified to reputed international standards - USDA and NATURE.


We use holistic CO2 extracts that are standardized for active content.


We only use raw material free from heavy metals, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

Authentic Products, Safest Ingredients

Most conventional products take undue advantage of lax government regulations and lack of customer awareness to use toxic ingredients with impunity. Often, these ingredients may cause grave damage to you and your family’s health.

We focus on not just crafting products that are 100% pure, but also ensure that you as a consumer know exactly what goes into it. We want to empower people with the exact kind of knowledge they need to assess good products from bad ones.

At Life & Pursuits, our aim is to provide people with genuine natural products that are devoid of any kind of synthetic additives, even the ones that come under marketing garbs. Safety of our products is a priority and this is how we guarantee it.

How we select ingredients


Life & Pursuits is the life-mission of Mudit Consul, an alumnus of Harvard Business School (HBS) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM Indore).

Even as he had a great corporate career, he always felt like an outsider and knew it wasn’t his real calling. He had a deep longing to connect with a higher purpose and contribute meaningfully to the society. This inner pursuit led him to quit his high-profile corporate career and lay the foundation of Life & Pursuits mission as well as the not-for-profit Life & Pursuits Foundation in 2016 along with his wife, Aditi.

Being avid nature lovers, they synthesized it into their mission, and now they want more and more people to discover true health, happiness and harmony by going back to nature.

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